Avengers Extra - Cleveland

The Avengers Assembled in Cleveland during the Summer of 2011. Project: Group Hug 

I had the opportunity be an extra in Marvel's The Avengers movie as it was filmed in Cleveland in August 2011.

I may not even make the movie but hanging out with Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America was great....I mean I was in 11 different scenes, some with 100 of my new Avengers Extra friends.

Filming was in downtown Cleveland, the weather was great and the whole experience was outstanding....especially the food.

 I am not an actor so here is how it happened:

The Cleveland Film Commission posted that the Avengers needed a few hundred extras for the movie. The Casting Call was for "business people" so they wanted us to put on a suit and assemble at the Holiday Inn in Independence, Ohio.

About 6,000 people showed up. I waited in line for 2 hours and was asked to complete a form with some basic information including if I had any special talents. I lost my super powers in college so I really had nothing to offer other then the ability to run around and act scared.

About 2 weeks later I got the "Call".........hello this is Marvel casting calling.....can you come to wardrobe tomorrow!!!       So I did.



Avengers Costume Fitting...Distressed Business Man!!!!

David Goebel Avengers

Avengers Extra - Cleveland


Another Avengers roll..... New York Fire Department EMT


New York Fire Dept Avengers

Avengers Extra - Cleveland


Day one of shooting the Avengers in Cleveland....

Getting pulled from the rubble by New York's finest!!!

Avengers Battle New York

The video below shows what it looked like from across the street.....that's the real Army!!!



Avengers Scene....waitress encounters a bad guy....


Ashley Johnson Avengers

Ashley Johnson Avengers : My Big Scene....I had to sit there and act scared!!!


Another Avengers background scene...


Captain America flying out the Window.....I ran like the wind!!!!

Captian America Flying Chris Evans Avengers

Captain America flies out the window - Official Avenger Trailer

Here is the scene from another angle.



In Febuary of 2012 Marvel conducted a Twitter QA with Joss Wedon, Samuel L Jackson, and others.

Twitter Conversation with Director Joss Wedon....


Joss Whedon Twitter Avengers

Joss Wedon Twitter


Avengers Army Scene with Ohio-based 391st Military Police Battalion

391st Military Police Battalion Ohio Soldiers

Ohio-based 391st Military Police Battalion in The Avengers


Even if I do not make The Avengers final cut....it was a great experience, I made some new friends and.............................. I did get Avengers Boxers for Christmas

Captian America Boxers Avengers

Captain America Boxers

See you on the big screen.....or at least at the Avengers Premier.



Avengers Premiere April 11

Hey Jimmy Kimmel


Now its back to work.........

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